Mini Implants

Are you missing teeth or suffering serious decay?

If you are suffering from missing teeth or have teeth that are broken or seriously decayed, it is likely you are not showing off your smile as much as you want to. Restore the function and appeal of your smile with less discomfort and faster healing with mini implants. These devices offer you a quick and natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth or those that need to be removed due to decay or breakage.

Smaller, but no less effective

As the name implies, mini implants are smaller than standard implants. They are no less effective, however. These devices are implanted directly into your jaw bone and support a natural-looking fake tooth for a seamless finish.

Look to us for a customized approach to a gleaming smile

Your smile says a lot about you. Make sure it is saying the right things with a smile that is bright, healthy, and attractive. Mini implants require less time and create little-to-no discomfort so you can begin enjoying your smile sooner. Ask us how to enhance the rest of your mouth with same day crowns and cosmetic dentistry tailored to your individual needs and performed by a gentle, compassionate team.