Same Day Crowns

Repair and restore your smile

Is your smile suffering from discoloration, breakage, decay, or other damage? Do you need to bring back the beauty and health of your smile with crowns? Advanced technology has made it possible to create thin, natural-looking crowns that look absolutely real and seamlessly complement your smile. These pieces fit over your existing teeth to cover and protect them from further damage.

Don’t wait days for your new smile

Older dental technology and methodology meant going through two or more appointments to get your crowns crafted and put into place. Current approaches allow you to get your crowns in one day.

Experience the power of technology

Incredible advancements in technology have made it possible to create incredibly realistic-looking crowns quickly. Our computer-based design center creates crowns based on your specific needs to ensure they not only fit exactly, but that they are the right color to fit in with the rest of your natural teeth. In-office milling then creates your crown right in front of you. Ask us about all of our cosmetic dentistry options, including mini implants, to ensure you choose the approach that is ideal for your smile.